February 20, 2013

Building Letters

Last fall when we were visiting a friend in GA their preschooler had this really neat Letter Construction Activity they had found on Amazon for $30-35.  It was so cool.  The goal was to place pieces of colored plastic on top of a template of a letter and actually built the shape of that particular letter.  A few weeks later I saw a post on Pinterest about how to make your own version of this activity.  I've gone back and looked through my boards and for the life of me I cannot find that pin.  So, please know that this was not my idea and to whoever came up with this do it yourself "Build a Letter" activity, THANK YOU!

For the lowercase letters I used some orange foam and even made the template cards to place the foam on. However, for the uppercase letters, I ran out of ink and scrapbook paper so I decided that my kids could just do it without the template and figure out how to fashion the letter from the blue foam alone.  Both ways have worked just fine.  It took about 1 1/2 hours to pint the letters, cut the letter, paste the letters on the scrapbook paper and then cut the foam strips.  All in all 1 1/2 of work saved me approximately $30.


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